• NASCAR Birthdays

    Born in APRIL

    18 Geoff Bodine, Tyler Labonte, Kale Kahne, Melanie Self

    19 Robert Yates, Richard Yates, Jack Roush, Greg Erwin, Kevin Grubb, Al Unser Jr., Aaron Keuhn

    20 Frank Stoddard, James Barnwell, Ron Barfield, Adrian Fernandez, Dustin Skinner, James Barnwell

    21 Bruce Silver, Bill Ingle, Greg Zipadelli, Bob Varsha

    22 Raygan Swan, Stella Paysor, Wesley Gantt

    23 Brian Whitesell, Jason Keller, Phil Gould, Joe Keller, Skip Manning, Terry Glotzbach, P.J. Jones, Tommy Croft, Charles Gafrarar, William Shakespeare, Jacob Meetze

    24 Hermie Sadler, Harrill Hamrick, Stephanie Hillin, Amanda Lorenzen

    25 Alkie Cunningham

    26 Martha Oliver, Jimmy Kitchens, Eva Busch

    27 Shelly Bose, Jason Haynes, Jason Sheets

    28 Tyler Hmiel, Jeff Neuendorf

    29 Dale Earnhardt, Larry Frank, Angie Skinner, Chad Little, Jerry Schweitz, Alexandria Fennig

    30 Michael Waltrip, Elliott Sadler, Andy Hillenburg, Joe Millikan, Amelia Joy Smith, Chris Browning, Ashton Glover, Frank Kimmel

    Born in MAY

    1 Randy Dorton, Johnny Sauter, Jimmy Parrott

    2 Ed "Uncle Bud" Adamczyk, Kyle Busch

    3 Greg Ely

    4 Randy Tolsma, Bobby Burrell, Jennifer Eolin

    5 Larry Pollard, Bob Welborn

    6 Mike Borkowski, Tammy Jo Kirk, Jeff Hancock, Dean Mozingo

    7 Dave Steele, Danny O'Quinn Jr.

    8 Bobby Labonte, Nathan Buttke, Don Hume, Jay Stewart, Judy Childress

    9 Tim Fedewa, Scott Page

    10 Amelia Andretti, Andy Rueger

    11 Glenn Bobo, Tim Flock, NASCAR Hall of Fame

    12 Jabe Thomas, Debra Adamczyk

    13 Rich Bickle, Scott Eggleston, Bob Kennedy, Jim Spencer, Linda McReynolds, Kirk Almquist, Maggie Feeney Rossi

    14 Steve Letarte, Bill Brooks, Dave Munari, Danielle Del Corio, Scott Lynch

    15 Shane Hmiel, John Hubner

    16 Josh Walker

    17 Mike Shiplett, Craig Ferguson, Kevin Pennell

    18 Mike Motil

    19 Dario Franchitti, Jody Ridley, Danny Culler

    20 Tony Stewart, Steve Portenga, Dave Despain, Eric Norris

That Sucked!!!!!!!!!

I couldn’t get to my computer fast enough. Kevin James and Adam Sandler just did the  mocking the Command, were they trying to be funny ? I don’t get it, it was embarrassing to watch one of those I feel sorry for them I can’t watch. Then, I don’t know who she is but the female commentator for TNT come on afterwards to insult my intelligence and says “that might be the best command I’ve ever seen”. Does she think children are her audience ? I believe the tracks is responsible for the Command so it may be time for NASCAR to handle that and have a little higher standard.

I’m all for having a little fun an tweaking the command to fit the person but the Adam Sandler, Kevin James show was just embarrassing.


Top and Bottom of Drivers Points Chart after the Glen

Sprint Cup Standings after Sunday Race at

Watkins Glen International Raceway

Driver Standings 1st thru 14th

  • UNOFFICAL Drivers Points Standings [after Watkins race 22 of 36]:
    1) #18-Kyle Busch 3254 [8 wins]
    2) #99-Carl Edwards 3012 -242 [4 wins]
    3) #48-Jimmie Johnson 3010 -244 [2 wins]
    4) #88-Dale Earnhardt Jr. 2985 -269 [1 win]
    5) #31-Jeff Burton 2945 -309 [1 win]
    6) #24-Jeff Gordon 2754 -500
    7) #20-Tony Stewart 2744 -510
    8) #9-Kasey Kahne 2713 -541 [+107 pts ahead of 13th]
    9) #11-Denny Hamlin 2689 -565 [+87]
    10) #16-Greg Biffle 2689 -565 [+83]
    11) #29-Kevin Harvick 2670 -584 [+64]
    12) #17-Matt Kenseth 2628 -626 [+22]
    CHASE contenders
    13) #07-Clint Bowyer 2606 -648 [1 win] [22 pts out of 12th]
    14) #6-David Ragan 2539 -715 [-89]

    Driver Standings 31st thru 38th

  • Top-35 in Owner Points and guaranteed a starting spot at Michigan:
    #84-Allmendinger is in top 35 first time ever; #66-Riggs falls back out and down to 37th
    The teams are NOT locked in past the next race as the owners points change after each race.
    31) #7-Gordon/RGM: 1770 +109
    32) #22-Blaney/Bill Davis Racing: 1767, +106
    33) #55-Waltrip/Waltrip Racing: 1682 +21
    34) #77-Hornish/Penske Racing: 1674 +13
    35) #84-Allmendinger/Red Bull Racing: 1669 8 points ahead of 36th
    these teams/ drivers must qualify by speed but are close to the top-35:
    36) #00-McDowell/Waltrip Racing: 1661 8 points out of 35th
    37) #66-Riggs/Haas CNC Racing: 1616 -53
    38) #10-Carpentier/GEM: 1469 -200
  • Starting Line-up for the Centurion Boats at the Glen Sprint Cup Race

    Qualifing for todays Sprint Cup Race “Centurion Boats at the Glen” at Watkins Glen International Raceway was Cancelled Due to Rain. The Starting Line-up was set by the NASCAR Rule Book, the starting order was determined by Owners Points and Race Attempts.


    1 18 Kyle Busch Toyota 1st in Owners Pts
    2 88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Chevy 2nd
    3 99 Carl Edwards Ford 3rd
    4 48 Jimmie Johnson Chevy 4th
    5 31 Jeff Burton Chevy 5th
    6 24 Jeff Gordon Chevy 6th
    7 9 Kasey Kahne Dodge 7th
    8 16 Greg Biffle Ford 8th
    9 20 Tony Stewart Toyota 9th
    10 11 Denny Hamlin Toyota 10th
    11 29 Kevin Harvick Chevy 11th
    12 07 Clint Bowyer Chevy 12th
    13 17 Matt Kenseth Ford 13th
    14 6 David Ragan Ford 14th
    15 8 Aric Almirola Chevy 15th
    16 12 Ryan Newman Dodge 16th
    17 83 Brian Vickers Toyota 17th
    18 1 Martin Truex Jr. Chevy 18th
    19 2 Kurt Busch Dodge 19th
    20 26 Jamie McMurray Ford 20th
    21 43 Bobby Labonte Dodge 21st
    22 19 Elliott Sadler Dodge 22nd
    23 28 Travis Kvapil Ford 23rd
    24 5 Casey Mears Chevy 24th
    25 42 Juan Pablo Montoya Dodge 25th
    26 38 David Gilliland Ford 26th
    27 15 Paul Menard Chevy 27th
    28 44 David Reutimann Toyota 28th
    29 22 Dave Blaney Toyota 29th
    30 41 Reed Sorenson Dodge 30th
    31 7 Robby Gordon Dodge 31st
    32 01 Ron Fellows Chevy 32nd
    33 55 Michael Waltrip Toyota 33rd
    34 77 Sam Hornish Jr. # Dodge 34th
    35 66 Scott Riggs Chevy 35th
    36 00 Michael McDowell # Toyota 21 attempts, 36th owners pts
    37 84 AJ Allmendinger Toyota 21,37th
    38 96 P.J. Jones Toyota 21,38th
    39 10 Patrick Carpentier # Dodge 21,39th
    40 45 Kyle Petty Dodge 21,40th
    41 78 Joe Nemechek Chevy 21,41st
    42 70 Max Papis Chevy 21,42nd
    43 21 Marcos Ambrose Ford 21,43rd
    DNQ 34 Brian Simo Ford 19,45th
    DNQ 60 Boris Said Ford 3/50th

    Courtesy Jayski.com

    Earnhardt Stretches Fuel and Rules

    How do you feel about Earnhardts decision to test the NASCAR Officials Patience ??

      Several drivers were upset that #88-Dale Earnhardt Jr. was allowed to speed up and pass the pace car during a caution so he could save gas to make it to the finish line. The running start gave Earnhardt enough momentum to allow him to turn his engine off and coast halfway around Michigan International Speedway. “I just didn’t know you could pass the pace car,” third-place finisher #17-Matt Kenseth said. NASCAR rules prohibit anyone from passing the pace car during a caution, but Earnhardt was allowed to pull in front of the pace car at least twice to save fuel. The sanctioning body eventually warned him not to do it, but by then he had saved enough to win the LifeLock 400 on fumes. Earnhardt admitted he stretched the rules — and NASCAR’s patience — but not enough to give the victory back. “I got a little greedy,” he said. “I can understand how it looked, especially if you’re not a Dale Jr. fan. But I got the trophy; I got the points.

    The Garage Area:  I’m a huge fan of the underdog, I don’t support the big name drivers.  What gets my blood racing is when a first timer is running for the checkers.  I make a point to support any sponsor that sponsors a no name, a new driver or winless driver. For me the worst time in NASCAR is when you’ve got to watch Jimmy Johnson win week after week thats just boring. Now with that said I would have rather seen David Regan or Brian Vickers win the race but I will say I was kind of happy for Earnhardt because he’d come so close on so many Sundays. I would have rather seen him win it racing it would have made it legit.  Especially now after we’re hearing what transpired during those final laps.  Earnhardt won we can’t change that but I do think NASCAR needs to get specific on what a driver can and can’t do in the closing laps to save fuel.

    Lifelock 400 Starting Line-up

    Qualifying Cancelled Due to Rain


     Rain washed out qualifying for the Lifelock 400 at Michigan International Speedway, so the field was set by the NASCAR Rules books and by owners points [top-35], two past champs and the remaining by race attempts with ties broken by owners points standings. So #18-Busch starts 1st followed by #31-Burton, #88-Earnhardt Jr., #99-Edwards, #11-Hamlin, #48-Johnson, #16-Biffle, #24-Gordon, #9-Kahne and #29-Harvick. Two drivers will miss the race: #34-Raines and #70-Leffler.



    Car# Driver Manu Reason
    1 18 Kyle Busch Toyota 1st in Owners Pts
    2 31 Jeff Burton Chevy 2nd
    3 88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Chevy 3rd
    4 99 Carl Edwards Ford 4th
    5 11 Denny Hamlin Toyota 5th
    6 48 Jimmie Johnson Chevy 6th
    7 16 Greg Biffle Ford 7th
    8 24 Jeff Gordon Chevy 8th
    9 9 Kasey Kahne Dodge 9th
    10 29 Kevin Harvick Chevy 10th
    11 07 Clint Bowyer Chevy 11th
    12 20 Tony Stewart Toyota 12th
    13 6 David Ragan Ford 13th
    14 12 Ryan Newman Dodge 14th
    15 8 Mark Martin Chevy 15th
    16 17 Matt Kenseth Ford 16th
    17 1 Martin Truex Jr. Chevy 17th
    18 83 Brian Vickers Toyota 18th
    19 28 Travis Kvapil Ford 19th
    20 43 Bobby Labonte Dodge 20th
    21 42 Juan Pablo Montoya Dodge 21st
    22 2 Kurt Busch Dodge 22nd
    23 26 Jamie McMurray Ford 23rd
    24 38 David Gilliland Ford 24th
    25 5 Casey Mears Chevy 25th
    26 15 Paul Menard Chevy 26th
    27 19 Elliott Sadler Dodge 27th
    28 44 David Reutimann Toyota 28th
    29 22 Dave Blaney Toyota 29th
    30 7 Robby Gordon Dodge 30th
    31 01 Regan Smith # Chevy 31st
    32 41 Reed Sorenson Dodge 32nd
    33 00 Michael McDowell # Toyota 33rd
    34 66 Scott Riggs Chevy 34th
    35 77 Sam Hornish Jr. # Dodge 35th
    36 45 Terry Labonte Dodge Past Champ 1996
    37 21 Bill Elliott Ford Past Champ 1988
    38 55 Michael Waltrip Toyota 14 attempts, 36th owners pts
    39 84 AJ Allmendinger Toyota 14,37th
    40 96 JJ Yeley Toyota 14,38th
    41 40 Dario Franchitti # Dodge 14,39th
    42 78 Joe Nemechek Chevy 14,40th
    43 10 Patrick Carpentier # Dodge 14,41st
    DNQ 70 Jason Leffler Chevy 14,44th
    DNQ 34 Tony Raines Chevy 13,45th