• NASCAR Birthdays

    Born in APRIL

    18 Geoff Bodine, Tyler Labonte, Kale Kahne, Melanie Self

    19 Robert Yates, Richard Yates, Jack Roush, Greg Erwin, Kevin Grubb, Al Unser Jr., Aaron Keuhn

    20 Frank Stoddard, James Barnwell, Ron Barfield, Adrian Fernandez, Dustin Skinner, James Barnwell

    21 Bruce Silver, Bill Ingle, Greg Zipadelli, Bob Varsha

    22 Raygan Swan, Stella Paysor, Wesley Gantt

    23 Brian Whitesell, Jason Keller, Phil Gould, Joe Keller, Skip Manning, Terry Glotzbach, P.J. Jones, Tommy Croft, Charles Gafrarar, William Shakespeare, Jacob Meetze

    24 Hermie Sadler, Harrill Hamrick, Stephanie Hillin, Amanda Lorenzen

    25 Alkie Cunningham

    26 Martha Oliver, Jimmy Kitchens, Eva Busch

    27 Shelly Bose, Jason Haynes, Jason Sheets

    28 Tyler Hmiel, Jeff Neuendorf

    29 Dale Earnhardt, Larry Frank, Angie Skinner, Chad Little, Jerry Schweitz, Alexandria Fennig

    30 Michael Waltrip, Elliott Sadler, Andy Hillenburg, Joe Millikan, Amelia Joy Smith, Chris Browning, Ashton Glover, Frank Kimmel

    Born in MAY

    1 Randy Dorton, Johnny Sauter, Jimmy Parrott

    2 Ed "Uncle Bud" Adamczyk, Kyle Busch

    3 Greg Ely

    4 Randy Tolsma, Bobby Burrell, Jennifer Eolin

    5 Larry Pollard, Bob Welborn

    6 Mike Borkowski, Tammy Jo Kirk, Jeff Hancock, Dean Mozingo

    7 Dave Steele, Danny O'Quinn Jr.

    8 Bobby Labonte, Nathan Buttke, Don Hume, Jay Stewart, Judy Childress

    9 Tim Fedewa, Scott Page

    10 Amelia Andretti, Andy Rueger

    11 Glenn Bobo, Tim Flock, NASCAR Hall of Fame

    12 Jabe Thomas, Debra Adamczyk

    13 Rich Bickle, Scott Eggleston, Bob Kennedy, Jim Spencer, Linda McReynolds, Kirk Almquist, Maggie Feeney Rossi

    14 Steve Letarte, Bill Brooks, Dave Munari, Danielle Del Corio, Scott Lynch

    15 Shane Hmiel, John Hubner

    16 Josh Walker

    17 Mike Shiplett, Craig Ferguson, Kevin Pennell

    18 Mike Motil

    19 Dario Franchitti, Jody Ridley, Danny Culler

    20 Tony Stewart, Steve Portenga, Dave Despain, Eric Norris

Time for Danica to GO……

   It’s time for Danica Patrick to hang up her helmet. She just hasn’t shown any sign of improvement in the last 4 years driving a NASCAR. Let’s be honest she’s only in NASCAR because of her Gender. Say what you want but that’s the reason there are a lot better NASCAR drivers in the 2 lower NASCAR series. It made sense 4 years ago to put a female in the drivers seat to open up NASCAR a little more to women and potential sponsors. She looks great in a driver suit. Many fans like to look at her, but that’s it.



   But you’ve got to show some potential once you arrive in NASCAR’s Top Series, by Stewart Haas continuing to employ her as a driver past this point is hurting the series. Eventually she’s going to get hurt or sadly hurt someone else. No other driver would get the free pass that she’s getting today. She just doesn’t have the talent to drive in NASCAR for a top team. Many other drivers deserve that opportunity. Maybe a start and park team is the best place for her, she’ll bring a sponsor to a struggling team. NASCAR will still have a female driver and nobody gets hurt. Who knows maybe then she can grow as a driver.

More Danica and Reply’s to Damon and Paul

**Please forgive Grammar and Sentence structure

In some sports I don’t deny that kind of ridiculous negotiating takes place where one guy says 10 mil then the team comes back with a $1.00 and they go back and forth almost endlessly because usually that kind of ridiculous negotiating reflects the parties true interest. In other sports the team owners are thought of differently than NASCAR team owners drivers don’t see the need to fleece someone that’s going to help them win, drivers understand there are limited dollars, sponsors pay, x amount of money, if the driver gets to greedy the engine program may suffer and make him look bad running in the back or even worse not qualifying. Sponsor pay a fixed amount, it’s up to the team owner to spread it out in a way he can remain competitive.

I’ve been very fortunate over the last 3 years I’ve works with several teams and their sponsors activations and venue marketing so I got to see how things work. Usually the dollar amount isn’t what’s negotiated, the things that are negotiated are the perks (cars,motorcoaches,travel), public appearances, branding, and commercials. The times I’ve been privey to contracts (which isn’t that much) the dollar amount is what it is, sponsor pay a fixed amount the team owner spreads it around the program to be competitive. but that’s not to say a big sponsor won’t comes along and want a specific driver giving that driver a little more bargaining power. I guess I just don’t think Danicas there yet.

Because of my marketing background I’m bias, I believe good marketing makes good drivers so I have to agree with Pauls comment she’s a star because of the marketing, she’s been fortunate her teams owners and sponsors are committed to the IRL so what ever driver they pay for they’ve got to get their moneys worth and to get their moneys worth they’ve got to market her. There have been other women IRL drivers in the same talent class as Danica but the difference is they wanted to be the one with the women driver to compliment their program instead the mindset with Danicas group which is the team and sponsors program compliment Danica which is good for the program at the end of the day. But because of my marketing background    I’m bias, I believe good marketing makes good drivers. Now that Danica’s got the opportunity she needs to raise the bar but is she committed?? Good drivers race on off weekends and in the off season. Look at Kyle Busch and Carl Edwards and actually many others they race whenever they can. Danica takes off to Cancun on off weeks which in IRL they’re are many off weeks.

Thanks Paul and Damon

Although we may disagree from time to time, I appreciate your opinion and comments because that’s why we’re here to voice them.

Shock, Dis-belief, Sadness, Anger, Did I say Shocked…….

I just picked myself up off the floor in dis-belief. Get this, the rumor is Danica Patrick is asking for 8 million dollars to run 8 Nationwide races. That’s right 8 MILLION for 8 races, that’s 1 MILLION dollars to just start the race. That’s so absurd if it is true I’ll have to seriously think about turning in my NASCAR fan membership because that will mean they are just like the stick and ball athletes that are essentially robbing the fans. When these athletes ask for ridiculous salaries they know that ultimately the fans pay the price and they don’t care. They could careless if a family can go to a sporting event without risking the family car. But that’s another post another day.

Right now it’s just a rumor, I can’t believe it would be true. Danica would have to do a hell of alot more than drive a car to get 8 MILLION dollars. Many Nationwide teams don’t even spend 8 million to run the entire season.  

I’m not an IRL fan but I am a Danica Patrick fan, I’ve watched IRL races just to see how Danica runs. If this rumor ends up being fact Danica’s dead to me. (like it matters)

Danica’s Hot…… PART TWO……




For More Danica Pic see the last Danica Post

Not just a Winning Driver….She’s HOT !!!

Waste of time…..

Just hearing that Danica Patrick signed a multi-year deal last weekend with Andretti Green Racing. I think we all knew she wouldn’t make a switch to drive Cup cars because to make that kind of switch you’d at least have to run some practice laps maybe a truck or Nationwide race to see what your up against before you would even entertain the idea of switching series’. To the best of my knowledge she hasn’t even sat in a stock car. To be quite honest the Cup cars are almost triple the weight of an Indy car, I don’t think she could run one competitively. The Indy car series has a 17 race season that runs for 7 months but the last two months of the season only one race is run each month. The Cup series runs 36 races in 9 months with maybe 3 off weekends so it takes much more strength and endurance to be competitive the entire season. I think when her contract gets nearing the end she calls her friends in NASCAR and asks to visit and you know as well as I do the media starts all the speculation when it’s just a visit but she does it purposely to upset the apple cart in the Indy car series. It makes her just a little more money if Andretti Green thinks they’ll lose her. So I believe she has NO intentions of ever running a stock car.

Not just a Winning Driver….She’s HOT !!!

IndyCar Series superstar Danica Patrick graces the pages of Sports Illustrated’s annual Swimsuit Issue



I’ve never been a big fan of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit issue and still not but I am a fan of Danica Patrick and after her win this past weekend in Japan it brought up her photo shoot in the Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit issue, so I had to see it, the online version of course. (Link Below)

More than 69 million people are expected to read the special issue while more than 250 million people are expected to view photo galleries on the magazine’s website.

“What an amazing honor to be asked to be in the SI Swimsuit issue,” said Patrick, who will joined other models and celebrities at the launch party Feb. 12 in New York City. “It’s such an amazing publication and has such a following. I look at it and I like to see the pictures, and I’m a girl so I can’t imagine how many people will see the issue.”

A four-page spread features photos of Patrick that were shot at Singer Island, Fla., by photographer Ben Watts last fall following the IndyCar Series Open Test at Barber Motorsports Park. Additionally, a 44-photo gallery is available on Sports Illustrated’s website.

“It was a lot of fun, actually,” she said. “I expected it to be nerve-wracking. I’ve posed (for many photos) in clothes, but I’d never posed in a swimming suit. I didn’t know if I’d know exactly what to do, but amazingly it all translated over. I was comfortable and we all had fun. We shot so much stuff in a relatively little amount of time. It was a day and half of a good time. We even were able to relax a little after the second day.”

Not only did she spend time in front of the camera, Patrick is also featured in a full-page Q&A with Dan Patrick, who recently made his debut on the pages of SI as a senior writer and weekly columnist.

In addition to its vast U.S. readership, the 2008 SI Swimsuit Issue will be distributed in more than 10 foreign countries, including China, Czech Republic, Greece, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain and Taiwan. Working directly with Patrick and her Andretti Green Racing team, the Indy Racing League will give fans the opportunity to win a limited edition autographed poster from the SI shoot by visiting indycar.com.

See the all the Photos of Danica