• NASCAR Birthdays

    Born in APRIL

    18 Geoff Bodine, Tyler Labonte, Kale Kahne, Melanie Self

    19 Robert Yates, Richard Yates, Jack Roush, Greg Erwin, Kevin Grubb, Al Unser Jr., Aaron Keuhn

    20 Frank Stoddard, James Barnwell, Ron Barfield, Adrian Fernandez, Dustin Skinner, James Barnwell

    21 Bruce Silver, Bill Ingle, Greg Zipadelli, Bob Varsha

    22 Raygan Swan, Stella Paysor, Wesley Gantt

    23 Brian Whitesell, Jason Keller, Phil Gould, Joe Keller, Skip Manning, Terry Glotzbach, P.J. Jones, Tommy Croft, Charles Gafrarar, William Shakespeare, Jacob Meetze

    24 Hermie Sadler, Harrill Hamrick, Stephanie Hillin, Amanda Lorenzen

    25 Alkie Cunningham

    26 Martha Oliver, Jimmy Kitchens, Eva Busch

    27 Shelly Bose, Jason Haynes, Jason Sheets

    28 Tyler Hmiel, Jeff Neuendorf

    29 Dale Earnhardt, Larry Frank, Angie Skinner, Chad Little, Jerry Schweitz, Alexandria Fennig

    30 Michael Waltrip, Elliott Sadler, Andy Hillenburg, Joe Millikan, Amelia Joy Smith, Chris Browning, Ashton Glover, Frank Kimmel

    Born in MAY

    1 Randy Dorton, Johnny Sauter, Jimmy Parrott

    2 Ed "Uncle Bud" Adamczyk, Kyle Busch

    3 Greg Ely

    4 Randy Tolsma, Bobby Burrell, Jennifer Eolin

    5 Larry Pollard, Bob Welborn

    6 Mike Borkowski, Tammy Jo Kirk, Jeff Hancock, Dean Mozingo

    7 Dave Steele, Danny O'Quinn Jr.

    8 Bobby Labonte, Nathan Buttke, Don Hume, Jay Stewart, Judy Childress

    9 Tim Fedewa, Scott Page

    10 Amelia Andretti, Andy Rueger

    11 Glenn Bobo, Tim Flock, NASCAR Hall of Fame

    12 Jabe Thomas, Debra Adamczyk

    13 Rich Bickle, Scott Eggleston, Bob Kennedy, Jim Spencer, Linda McReynolds, Kirk Almquist, Maggie Feeney Rossi

    14 Steve Letarte, Bill Brooks, Dave Munari, Danielle Del Corio, Scott Lynch

    15 Shane Hmiel, John Hubner

    16 Josh Walker

    17 Mike Shiplett, Craig Ferguson, Kevin Pennell

    18 Mike Motil

    19 Dario Franchitti, Jody Ridley, Danny Culler

    20 Tony Stewart, Steve Portenga, Dave Despain, Eric Norris

Stick and Ball Sports

This post is off topic for this blog but I had to weigh in. As most of you already know Pro Football team owners and the players and their union are at odds over how they’re going to split up the take(money). Many years ago I was an avid Football and Baseball fan, I’ve been a season ticket holder of the Dolphins and the Chiefs and went to countless baseball games. Spent thousands on all the garb (shirts,hats, and anything else that advertised my teams). I felt that I was an asset to my team because of my support. But not anymore, I won’t even watch a game on T.V. not even the Super Bowl, World Series, or the Stanley Cup. I don’t miss them a bit. Your probably thinking he wasn’t much of a fan. But that’s the point I was, 10 years ago I would have never thought of missing a game. But that’s how angry I was. The breaking point was another threat of a strike and it seemed to be happening every 3 or 4 years. I was growing very tired of every year ticket prices going up and every 3 or 4 years owners and players fighting over MY money. I know it sounds stupid but I likened it to me walking through the stadium and the players and the owners mug me and then they run back to their hideout and argue over how they’re going to split up the money they just robbed from me, both sides ready to put a bullet in each other over more money than they actually need..I know it’s crazy but that’s how I thought of it. Anyway the threat of a strike seemed to happening more and more. And I’d continually see where players were getting millions of dollars and the owners raking it in on merchandise and T.V. deals. As I said earlier ticket prices were going up, parking fees going up, and for god sake even the price of a cup of hot beer was going up. Then just when you think they’ve squeezed you dry, the city and team want to upgrade or build a new stadium by raising your  taxes.  In a sport that generates BILLIONS of dollars for team owners, players and their respective leagues it’s taxpayers that have to flip the bill for their workplace the place they make the BILLIONS of dollars. Wouldn’t it be great if you needed a building for your business and taxpayers paid for it ? Anyway that picture is why I said screw’em, You’ve got admit football and baseball teams stick it to fans. It’s just ridiculus for a player to make milllions of dollars a year or excuse me for about 7 months worth of work, I don’t care what he can do with a ball or how fast he can run.

I’ve still got NASCAR, back when I became a dedicated fan(1980) of NASCAR  it was a sport that the competitors participated for ”the love of the game”. Today some of NASCAR is clouded by money but it’s truly a sport that the love of the sport is what drives most of the drivers. Most drivers struggle to get to a level where it pays the bills.

Sports, Christmas, and Sex has been ruined by Money.

NASCAR, Is There too Much at Stake ??

 Roush Says Toyota Team Stole “Proprietary Part”

  ESPN the Magazine has an interesting and explosive quote from Roush Fenway Racing co-owner Jack Roush as part of its 10th Anniversary issue, which is on newsstands this week. Two weeks ago at Atlanta Motor Speedway, the magazine quotes Roush as saying, “We had a proprietary Roush Fenway part go missing from one of my race teams, and we recovered it from a Toyota team. I’m not going to say which team it is, but we are considering legal action, or getting NASCAR involved.” If Roush’s allegations prove to be true, this could become NASCAR’s version of the recent spy scandal that rocked Formula One racing, in which the McLaren-Mercedes team was caught with confidential, proprietary test information belonging to rival Ferrari.

  Is there so much at stake that teams will start spying on other teams, stealing parts, and video taping test sessions ? Is this what you get with the COT (car of tomorrow) ? I know NASCAR is 50 years old and to say NASCAR grew to fast might not be completely accurate but I think it would be accurate to say in the last 10 years they’ve have grown a little to fast, and since Dale Sr.’s death the growth has exploded now I know you can’t stop the fans but long ago maybe 15 years ago NASCAR should have in some way limited what a teams need to spend on cars, testing, and Research and Development, teams have had to drag in BIG Sponsors to help with costs, its a vicious circle you need more from sponsors so sponsors want wins which every year costs more, I don’t know what the answer is now but early on NASCAR should have limited what a team can do to a car, NASCAR does beleive they have the answer now it’s the COT car. Only time will tell whether they’ve really contained cost for teams and made things better.