• NASCAR Birthdays

    Born in APRIL

    18 Geoff Bodine, Tyler Labonte, Kale Kahne, Melanie Self

    19 Robert Yates, Richard Yates, Jack Roush, Greg Erwin, Kevin Grubb, Al Unser Jr., Aaron Keuhn

    20 Frank Stoddard, James Barnwell, Ron Barfield, Adrian Fernandez, Dustin Skinner, James Barnwell

    21 Bruce Silver, Bill Ingle, Greg Zipadelli, Bob Varsha

    22 Raygan Swan, Stella Paysor, Wesley Gantt

    23 Brian Whitesell, Jason Keller, Phil Gould, Joe Keller, Skip Manning, Terry Glotzbach, P.J. Jones, Tommy Croft, Charles Gafrarar, William Shakespeare, Jacob Meetze

    24 Hermie Sadler, Harrill Hamrick, Stephanie Hillin, Amanda Lorenzen

    25 Alkie Cunningham

    26 Martha Oliver, Jimmy Kitchens, Eva Busch

    27 Shelly Bose, Jason Haynes, Jason Sheets

    28 Tyler Hmiel, Jeff Neuendorf

    29 Dale Earnhardt, Larry Frank, Angie Skinner, Chad Little, Jerry Schweitz, Alexandria Fennig

    30 Michael Waltrip, Elliott Sadler, Andy Hillenburg, Joe Millikan, Amelia Joy Smith, Chris Browning, Ashton Glover, Frank Kimmel

    Born in MAY

    1 Randy Dorton, Johnny Sauter, Jimmy Parrott

    2 Ed "Uncle Bud" Adamczyk, Kyle Busch

    3 Greg Ely

    4 Randy Tolsma, Bobby Burrell, Jennifer Eolin

    5 Larry Pollard, Bob Welborn

    6 Mike Borkowski, Tammy Jo Kirk, Jeff Hancock, Dean Mozingo

    7 Dave Steele, Danny O'Quinn Jr.

    8 Bobby Labonte, Nathan Buttke, Don Hume, Jay Stewart, Judy Childress

    9 Tim Fedewa, Scott Page

    10 Amelia Andretti, Andy Rueger

    11 Glenn Bobo, Tim Flock, NASCAR Hall of Fame

    12 Jabe Thomas, Debra Adamczyk

    13 Rich Bickle, Scott Eggleston, Bob Kennedy, Jim Spencer, Linda McReynolds, Kirk Almquist, Maggie Feeney Rossi

    14 Steve Letarte, Bill Brooks, Dave Munari, Danielle Del Corio, Scott Lynch

    15 Shane Hmiel, John Hubner

    16 Josh Walker

    17 Mike Shiplett, Craig Ferguson, Kevin Pennell

    18 Mike Motil

    19 Dario Franchitti, Jody Ridley, Danny Culler

    20 Tony Stewart, Steve Portenga, Dave Despain, Eric Norris

Kahne at Red Bull

Take a look at the #4 Red Bull Racing Toyota that has been prepared for Kasey Kahne.  http://twitpic.com/3fwkk3

I’m still not real sure what all this means, what I mean is Kasey signed with Hendricks to drive a Chevy in 2012 when Mark Martin vacates the #5 car. Red Bull is a Toyota team with a tremendous amount of Toyota support, so how did Red Bull get Toyota to sign off on the deal that was brokered buy Hendricks (a Chevy guy) (?). I can understand why Red Bull and Hendricks did it. I believe Red Bull will be switching to Chevy in 2012 or 2013 and if the top Chevy team (Hendricks) needs a favor you do it. But why would Toyota go along with it, Kasey and his cronies will be in perfect position to learn about what makes Toyotas so fast. There’s more to this story than meets the eye.

Is it Too Obvious…..

There are a number of teams Marcos Ambrose could drive for but Richard Petty Motorsports(RPM) keeps floating to the top. Marcos has already annouced that he won’t be back in the JTG toyota #47 next season which JTG has already announced that Bobby Labonte will pilot the #47 next season. Those announcements are very telling because a driver doesn’t give up his ride unless he’s already got another solid deal done. Although there are many teams that would love to have Marcos they’re B and C teams. So Marcos wouldn’t give up his ride with a good B team(JTG) where he’s comfortable and in the middle of building a solid program to go start over with another B team. So that says he’s got a solid deal with a A team. The list of (A) teams  gets a little shorter and really there’s only one team with an empty seat. The only empty seat is at RPM Motorsports but there are a few (A) teams that with a sponsor could add another team. So that RPM naturally comes to the top if we’re making bets. But the media has been duped before, now there are 2 top owners that would love to go to 4 teams. That would be Gibbs and Childress. I don’t think Childress could pull it off without the media finding out because too many crew members at Childress have close ties to the media. Gibbs could pull it off without anyone knowing they’ve been successful in the past about keeping things quiet.  Most likely Marcos will be at RPM because it’s so obvious but maybe too obvious but RPM hasn’t made any other attempts to contact other drivers. Lastly RPM runs Fords, Ford was instrumental in bringing Marcos to the Cup series. So I’m going to keep my eyes and ears focused on Gibbs with my finger on the pulse at RPM.

Good thing I’m not an Owner….

I just don’t see Kasey Kahne as the hottest free agent unless he’s the only driver in a in a contract year. I’d bet Happy Harvick would be a better choice. Either way there’s one guy that will benefit from kahne departure and that’s A.J. Allmendinger, he’s been hanging on by a thread. Petty Enterprises has dug deep in their pockets to keep A.J. on the track because they’ve had full sponsorship for their other cars but not A.J.s, now what Petty needs to do is move A.J. to the #9 and release Elliot Sadler and bring in a m`entor type for A.J..

Good Job Kasey but……..

    I like the fact that Kasey was pick by the fan vote to be in the race and then to win it that’s even a sweeter victory for all the fans, team and driver. But it was a pretty dull All-Star Race, TV stations  are going to have to really search for some good film clips. It was just un-eventful. I think what happened was is when a driver would get his car out in front in clean air he was gone so the the best racing to watch was between 2nd and 3rd, well in a race where 2nd and 3rd just don’t matter the best racing was pointless. The format was in my opinion crappy at best. I don’t know whos idea it was to run that format but my guess is their not running around this morning claiming it was their idea. What was the thought process behind 4- 25 lap segments how can you even think that would be a good format ?? I just don’t get that.

   The Showdown did have a little excitement but just a little, enough to  get the fans pumped up for the All Star Race.  A.J. Almendinger surprised us all and this time I don’t mean with his hot wife he actually surprised us on the track. So I was really happy for him, you know when you see guys constantly struggle week after week after week its really cool when you see them have a little success in my opinion its way better than seeing Jimmy Johnson, Jeff G., Tony, Deny, Carl or any of the other driver that we constantly see in victory lane have success. The two drivers I wanted to see advance from the showdown to the All-Star race were #6 David Reagan and #83 Brian Vickers so early on I thought my picks were solid. But that changed and I willsay again I was glad to see A.J. win the showdown. Thats the great thing about the Showdown it’s a race made up of the drivers that haven’t had any success so no matter what the outcome everybody is usually happy with the winners(the drivers that advance).

    I did expect to see more from Dale jr. , I really thought he’d be more of a threat. I thought since Hendricks cars have always ran well at Lowes and Dale is the Hendrick driver thats riding the wave right now I thought he’d be more of a threat. I also think everybody even the haters thought Kyle Busch would have been a threat if not win he’d take out the leader in the battle. I think we all can agree if Kyles engine would have held up there probably would have been a little more excitement. 

    Sam Hornish might have been the most exciting driver to watch. He did extremely well, given his lack of experience. I don’t think anybody expected it from him.  He did show he’s got a lot to learn but he also showed he’s got alot of talent. You could tell he’s probably struggling a little trying to learn how to drive a heavier car, stock cars are a little more than twice the weight of an Indycar.  Stock Cars are 3450 lbs.  compared to an Indycar at 1500 lbs. thats a huge difference at 180 MPH with 42 others cars all fighting for the same lane.  But he did do well despite the learning curve.

   My hope now is NASCAR does something immediately to eliminate the cars from getting out in front in clean air  and checking out. I know thats a pipe dream, unrealistic or just stupid but my worry is that the Coca Cola 600 is going to be a huge bore. I love to watch racing my TV is on the Speed Channel the majority of the time because I’ll watch any race anytime even when I’m not watching its on in the background it drives my family crazy. But once a year I even struggle during the 600, it’s a long “Son of a B____”  you sit on your A$$ for a good 6 hrs.. So if you’ve got leaders that just check out its going to be one LLoonngg day. Thats what worries me. I know the drivers would hate it but maybe NASCAR should think of restrictor plates to keep the cars bunched up. That might increase the chances of having a better race, atleast for the fans. You get nore side by side stuff, more lead changes.


   Congrts to Kaseys fans, if your a Kasey Kahne fan and you actually voted for him the victory has to be soooo sweet for those fans.

NASCAR Drivers Upset Over Lack of Drug Testing

Sprint Cup drivers Kevin Harvick, Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson and Kasey Kahne say they never have undergone a drug test as NASCAR competitors. “In the 10 years that I’ve raced, I’ve never been drug-tested,” Harvick said. “To me, that’s not a proper drug policy for a professional sport. We haven’t made any headway whatsoever on the drug-testing policy.” Harvick and Stewart were reacting to an ESPN The Magazine story this week in which former driver Aaron Fike said he competed in Craftsman Truck Series races while he was on heroin. “I have been in a race with him and I know for a fact that he’s not the only one,” Harvick said. “There’s another driver that was suspended that I can almost guarantee you was in the race car while he was under the influence, and that pisses me off. I’m sure I’ll be blasted for saying what I feel, but I don’t want to be on a race track with people like that. It’s irresponsible more than anything.” All four Cup drivers said they are in favor of regular testing.
“I would love it,” Stewart said. “I’ve never been asked to take one yet. I think it should be mandatory to have random drug testing. I think it’s a great idea. The Fike situation shows that as an organization, we’re not doing a good job of seeing this before it happens.” NASCAR’s substance-abuse policy includes the right to test any driver at any time, but officials only do so if they believe a competitor might have a problem. “The responsibility here rests across the board — with the drivers and competitors, owners, teams and NASCAR,” said Kerry Tharp, NASCAR’s director of communication. “We test an individual when we have reasonable suspicion. A positive test results in severe consequences and is a career-changing moment for that person. NASCAR’s policy is also supported by the various policies that the teams have in place that are required under the driver/owner agreements. No system is flawless, but we believe our zero tolerant policy that is in place has served the sport well.”
Fike was arrested last year in Ohio for possession of heroin.
“I had a long talk with NASCAR about this last year,” Harvick said. “It almost seems like it fell on deaf ears. They were more mad that I had a reaction to the situation than they were about trying to move forward. They heard what I said, but my name’s not Jeff Gordon. I’m disappointed that we have to react and answer all these questions again.”
Tharp said NASCAR officials always take it seriously when drivers come to them with questions or complaints. “Let me assure you that no issue or conversation that we have with a driver, owner or team member ever falls on deaf ears,” Tharp said. “Now, they might not always come out of the meeting with the answer they’re looking for, but we listen.” Harvick wants to see NASCAR test drivers and crew members several times a year. “I’m sure I’ll have to do it for speaking my mind,” Harvick said. “But if I have to pee in a cup 15 times a year, I’m happy to do it. The bad part is it isn’t fair to the 95 percent of his garage that is clean. But I want everybody in the world to know our sport is clean. I want fans and sponsors to know this garage is clean.” Harvick and his wife, DeLana, own truck series and Nationwide Series teams at Kevin Harvick Inc. Harvick does not conduct drug tests for his employees. “I don’t right now and maybe we need to change the way we look at it, too,” he said. “But in the end, it’s the responsibility of [NASCAR] to make sure all the drivers are clean.” Harvick said Fike drove a couple of races for KHI several years ago. “There was no reason to think something was wrong,” Harvick said. “I don’t know about drugs, to tell you the truth. But I want to know about the guy racing next to me and not have to wonder if he was out the night before and isn’t clean.”
Kahne said he had suspicions about Fike. “I definitely wondered about Aaron, so I’m sure others did,” Kahne said. “When he said he did heroin before a race, that’s incredible that no one knew. As much money as there is in this sport, I think we should take a little more effort to make sure every driver is clean.” Harvick believes NASCAR should have changed its substance-abuse policy long ago. “You can tell I’m a little bit frustrated about the situation,” he said. “As someone who respects the sport and respects my sponsors, I’m upset that I have to answer questions about Aaron Fike. It really ticks me off, because every driver in this garage should be taking random drug tests.” Harvick believes NASCAR needs to do a better job of staying ahead of the curve. “It’s just like the safety thing back in 2001,” he said. “We didn’t react until that situation happened [with Dale Earnhardt’s death]. With drug-testing, there’s no reason in the world today not to be proactive. “This is about forward thinking about how the drivers are perceived from a public standpoint. If I’m a fan, I don’t want to think, ‘Are they really clean?’ This always has been perceived as a clean sport. Let’s not let that change now, because it is. But let’s prove it.”